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Intro Module

This is a live Literati ERP demo set up for select customers for evaluation.

If you have issues navigating or any problems with your login, please contact us via email demo@literatierp.com or by phone +1-718-280-5515. Our demo team is usually available between 10:00AM - 2:00PM EST/New York time. For access to the demo please use the aforementined contact information to get in touch with our team.

This demo is provided by LITERATI ERP.

Features Module

Customization info

Note that this page is built using the modular approach. The site is fully customizable and can be honed according to specific customer requirements.

Integration options

If you have your own website that you want to integrate with then no problem, there are many ways to integrate our system with multiple websites, webservices, or desktop software. For example, iframe, forms, postback-url requests, JSON are some of the available options for system integrators.

For more questions about integration, please use Q&A section or contact us demo@literatierp.com or +1-718-280-5515.